1897 Marriage Of Isidore Cohen & Anna Brissel

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It took place in Czyżew, on November the twenty fifth/December the seventh, eighteen hundred and ninety seven, at seven o’clock in the evening.  The wedding ceremony took place in the presence of the following witnesses: Lejzor Keiman Wengort and Abram Szmulew Aloes, both age forty six years old Vogts in Czyżew.  Icek Kur, bachelor, born in Nur, residing there with his parents, age eighteen years old, laborer, son of Hubka Kur and his wife, Chawa née Monkarz, married Hana Brissel, bachelorette, age twenty seven years old, daughter of late Szlomo-Dawid Brissel and his late wife Sura-Rywka née Krzywonoga, born and residing in Czyżew.  Three banns of marriage have been announced in the synagogues in Nur and Czyżew during the Sabbath, on October the twenty fifth/November the sixth, November the first/November the thirteenth, and November the eighth/November the twentieth, this year. The newlyweds got their parents’ permission for the marriage.  Parents were present.  The newlyweds have signed a prenuptial agreement. The couple was blessed by Rabbi of Czyżew, Jankiel Epsztejn.  This document was read and then signed by Us, the Rabbi and the witnesses only because other people mentioned in this document are illiterate.


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