1858 Birth Of Aron Maliszewer

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It took place in Kosuty on January second/January fourteenth eighteen hundred and fifty eight, at ten o’clock in the morning. Srol Wolfowicz Maliszewer, age fifty two year old Jew, a tailor, residing in Zaremby Kościelne, appeared with two Jewish witnesses: Herszek Leybowicz Donicki, age fifty eight years old, and Josek Haimowicz Wayngort, age fifty three years old, both teachers, residing in Zaremby Kościelne. He showed us a baby boy, testifying that a child was born in Zaremby Kościelne on September eighteenth/September thirtieth, eighteen hundred and fifty seven, at eight o’clock in the morning. Baby was born to his wife Sura Rywa (first name and middle name) Leybowna, age thirty six years old.  His wish is to name this baby Aron.  The document was read to the testifier and witnesses, and signed by a clerk of the register office. The testifier and witnesses are illiterate. The delay was caused by the illness.

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