1833 Marriage Of Juszko Tachna & Rejza Bursztyn

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It happened in the village of Zaremby on the sixteenth of January, eighteen hundred thirty three at four o’clock in the afternoon.  Replacing the Rabbi of the synagogal district of the town of Czyzew, the Jew Chajm Indes appeared, together with the Jew Juszko [Yosef son os Shimshon Ha-Levy] Simsiowicz Tachna, hatter, age twenty four, residing in the village of Zaremby, bachelor, son of Simsia [Shimshon son of Yosef Ha-Levy] Juszkowicz, deceased, and Pesa Majerowna married couple, residing in the village of Zaremby, earning their living from the making of hats, and Reyza, unmarried, age twenty four, daughter of Leybka [Aryey] and Estera Peysakowna married couple Bursztyn, residing in the village of Zaremby and living with her parents, and in the presence of Pesa Szymsiowa, mother of Juszko, and Leybka Bursztyn, father of Reyza, as well as in the presence of the witnesses Peysak Waygord, synagogue sexton, age sixty four, and Leybka Kamien, also synagogue sexton, age fifty two, both of whom residing in the village of Zaremby, and testified, that today the religious wedding of Juszko Tachna and Reyza Bursztyn was performed before him, and that it preceded three banns on the fourth, twelfth, and twentieth of December of last year in the district synagogue of Andrzejewo, and that permission was given to this wedding personally by the here present Pesa Szymsiowa and Leybka Bursztyn, mother and father of the newly married, and that no obstruction against the marriage has occurred.  The newly married testified that no premarital contract on their possessions was officially performed.  This document was read to those who appeared, and signed by Chajm Indes, substitute of the Rabbi, whereas the others cannot write.  We witness the correction of one word in this record.


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