1833 Birth Of Sosia Feyga (nee Tachna) Kur & Czarna (nee Tachna) Armus

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It happened in the village of Zaremby on the twenty fourth of January,

eighteen hundred thirty three at four o’clock in the afternoon.  The Jew Abraam [Avraham] Leybowicz Tachna, age forty eight, scribe of G-d’s Commandments [Torah Scribe], residing in the village of Zaremby, appeared in the presence of the witnesses Peysak Waygord, synagogue sexton, age sixty five, and Jankiel Szaykowicz Luzym, day laborer, age fifty one, both of whom are residing in the village of Zaremby, and showed us two children of the female gender born in the village of Zaremby on the twentieth of September of last year at two o’clock in the afternoon, to his wife Dwora [Devorah] Herszkowna, age twenty six. To whom were given the names Sosia and Czarna.  This document was read to those who appeared and signed – both the witnesses cannot write; this document was belatedly registered, because the father had not been at home.


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