1880 Death Of Lejbko Kur

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It took place in Nur on May the twenty second/June the third, eighteen hundred and eighty, at eight o’clock at night.  Abram Chuna Kur, a shoemaker, age twenty nine years old, and Pejsak Pasternak, tailor, age twenty two years old, residing in Nur, have appeared testifying that Lejbko Kur, age two years old, passed away in Nur on May the twelfth/May thirty first, this year, at seven o’clock in the morning.  He was a son of previously mentioned Abram Chuna and his wife Chawa née Monkarz.  We have confirmed the death of Lejbko Kur.  This document was read to the illiterate testifiers and signed by Us only.


Clerk of the Civil Registry Office in Nur



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