1878 Marriage Of Sarah Young & Isaac Young

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It took place in the town of Mława, on August the second, eighteen hundred and seventy eight, at seven o’clock in the evening.  The wedding ceremony took place today in the presence of the following witnesses: Kalman Zachariasz Rozenman, a tenement house owner, age sixty years old, and Abram Moszko Etynger, yeshiva teacher, age fifty six years old, residing in the town of Mława.  Icek Jankief Jabłoń, bachelor, age twenty three years old, son of Moszko Lewek Jabłoń and Symcha née Marymont, residing in the town of Mława with his parents, married Chaja Sura Jabłoń, bachelorette, age nineteen years old, daughter of Hersz Jabłoń and Gitla Frimet née Tachna, residing in the town of Mława with her parents.  Three banns of marriage have been announced in the synagogue in Mława, on the twentieth, the twentyseventh of May, and the sixth of June, this year.  The newlyweds haven’t signed any prenuptial agreement.  The couple was blessed by Rabbi of Mława, Icek Klinger.  This document was read to the appearing and signed by them all.

 Registrar of the Civil Records


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