1877 Marriage Of Hinda Golda Tachna & Fajbuś Cudek Szyrchel

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It took place in the city of Mława, on March the thirty first, eighteen hundred and seventy seven, at four o’clock in the afternoon.  Kalman Zachariasz Rosenman, a Jew, age fifty nine years old, have appeared with Abram Moszek Etyngier, a teacher, age fifty years old, both residing in the city of Mława, testifying that a marriage ceremony between Fajbuś Cudek Szyrchel (single, age twenty one years old, son of Abram and Zeloda, born in the village of Gutków, Ciechanów County, residing with parents) and Hinda Gołda Tachna (single, age nineteen years old, daughter of Wulka and Mindel, born in the city of Mława, residing with her mother) took place today. This marriage was preceded by three banns announced in the synagogue in Ciechanów on: February the twelfth, February the nineteenth and February the twenty sixth; and in the synagogue in Mława on: March the fifth, March the twelfth and March the nineteenth.  The newly married said that they didn’t sign any prenuptial agreement.  The marriage ceremony took place in front of Icek Klinger, the rabbi of Mława.  This document was read to testifiers and the newly married couple and signed by the testifiers and a clerk of the register office.  The newly married are illiterate.

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