1870 Birth Of Enoch Velvel Kur

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It took place in Nur, on October the fourteenth (twenty sixth), eighteen hundred and seventy, at ten o’clock in the morning.  Abram Sanowicz Kur, shoemaker, residing in Nur, age twenty one years old, have appeared with Lejb Szmulewicz Bursztyn, a shochet, age forty three years old, and Chaim Moszkowicz Kopyto, a laborer, age thirty five years old, both residing in the town of Nur.  He showed us a baby boy who was born in the town of Nur on the seventh (nineteenth), this month and year; to his wife Chawa Majerowna, age twenty years old. During the circumcision the baby was named Wolf Enoch.  This document was read to the testifiers and signed by us only because all the persons mentioned in this document are illiterate.


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