1864 Marriage Of Leib Tachna & Bessie Landau

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It happened in Mlawa the day of twenty eight January, eighteen hundred and sixty four, at three o’clock in the afternoon, they came to tell with the witnesses Zalman Niborski, age fifty one, and Abram Bajlowicz, age fifty four, both teachers and Jews, and said today was a religious ceremony between Ickiem Leijb [Yitzhak Aryeh son of Moshe Mordechai Ha-Levy], age twenty and the single son of Mordka [Moshe Mordechai son of Yakov Ha-Levy] and Hani Ryfka [Channah Rivke daughter of Shimon] (from the family Lipowich), the couple Tachna from Mlawa.  The wedding between Brana Laja [Brachah Leah daughter of Yisroel Eliezer] Landau, single girl age eighteen, the daughter of Izrael Eliasza [Yisroel Eliezer] and Myrli [Miriam] Szpryncy Landau, in the city of Mlawa.  She was living with the parents since she was born.  Before the wedding they have three times in the synagogue announcements on twelve, eighteen, and twenty December.  Permission to go through with act of marriage was granted by the parents and the young couple state they never have been married before.  The religious ceremony was done by Shya Lypszyc, the assistand rabbi.  The act was signed by all present.

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