1853 Death Of Abram Tachna

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It happened in the town of Nur on the eighth/twentieth of March eighteen hundred fifty three at nine o’clock in the morning the Jew Boruch Abramowicz Tachna, age twenty seven, a shoemaker, and Jankiel Ickowicz Danenberg, age fifty two, a day laborer, both residing in the town of Nur, appeared and testified that yesterday at nine o’clock in the evening died Abram Boruchowicz Tachna, two years old, son of Boruch and his wife Sora of the maiden name Kunowna, residing in the town of Nur.  After having been convinced ourselves with our own eyes about the death of Abram Tachna, this document was read aloud to those who appeared, of whom the first is the father, and the second the neighbor of the deceased, and signed only by the holder of the vital record, whereas the others in the mentioned document testified that they cannot write.

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