1827 Death Of Szejna (nee Boruch) Tachna

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It happened in the village of Zareby Koscielne on the twenty eighth of June, eighteen hundred twenty seven at one o’clock in the afternoon, the Jew Jusko Leybowicz Lesniewer, age thirty three, day laborer, and Jankiel Hazde, synagogue sexton, age fifty seven, both of whom are residing in the village of Zareby Koscielne appeared and testified, that on the twenty fifth of the current month at eight o’clock in the evening in the village of Zareby Koscielne died Szeyna [Shayna] Tachna, age twenty six, leaving her husband Abram [Avraham] Leybowicz Tachna, earning his living from alms, residing in the village of Zareby Koscielne, daughter of Leybka and Mala married couple Boruch, both deceased.  After having convinced myself with my own eyes of the death of Szeyna Tachna, this document was read to the witnesses, of whom the first is the neighbor of the deceased, and signed; the first witness testified that he cannot write, the second witness signed in his own hand.

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