Postcard From The Warsaw Ghetto


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The historical background of this postcard is significant.  At the time it was written, the subject, Malke Perelmutter, was probably already dead either in the ghetto or gassed in the death camps.  The date on the postcard coincides with Nazi Germany's invasion of the Soviet Union, for which the German people were faced with rationing for the war effort.  The Germans here have attempted at supplying goods for their population by acting as though the requested goods would be going to the named individual.

In essence, it is a scam.  The truth was that the Jews were being deprived of everything and not even the Red Cross got anything to them.  One commentator remarks on the awful writing style as that used by German bureaucrats.  This  was evidently part of a mass mailing to those in the United States whom the Germans knew could supply them with material goods that they desired.

Front:   Back:
English translation:


  English translation:
 The seal reads:
gepru"ft Oberkommando der Wehrmacht
meaning: Approved, High command of the Wehrmacht.

There is another small square stamp at the top left of the front side
with the inscription: Judenrat

 Jewish Social Self-Aid [Agency]
Aid Committee Warsaw
Department: Family Aid
Warsaw, Qrzybowski Square 10/1

  To: "Hicem" S.6091 Warsaw, 06/16/1941

We ask you most politely to contact Z. Raimi, 2675 Fullerton, Detroit, Mich. via "Hias", New York
and to transmit the following message from
Mal'ka Perelmuter, Warsaw, Muranowska 16/5:

The person making the request asks to inform Szmul Perelmuter in the USA that she has moved from Nasielsk to Warshaw. She lives there under impoverished conditions und would be very pleased if she could be supported by good-wil parcels [literally: parcels of love gifts].  Ruchla, Tachne and Abram Perelmuter should be contacted in the USA for the same reason. She sends greetings to everybody and expects a quick reply by air mail.