Tachna Family Tree

Welcome to the Family Tree of the Tachna Family! The Family Tree is based upon the descendants of Rav Tachna, the oldest known Tachna Family ancestor.

The information has been compiled from many sources; including records straight from the archives in Poland, LDS microfilm, and personal interviews.

To make certain that the information is correct, accurate, and updated, I encourage everyone to participate in helping me do further research and discovery. Send your information to me directly by email at rhtachna@gmail.com.

Appearing on the Family Tree Presentations is information about each individual's Hebrew names and their Mystical meanings for when an individual's Hebrew name or names are known.

"Jewish Mysticism, known as Kabbalah, teaches that Hebrew names don't just name, they create! As Chassidus explains, the "breath of life" into a soul from Divinity is channeled through the Hebrew letters of the individual's name or names. Therefore they create. Your Hebrew name is your Neshama - the key to your Jewish soul. The Kabbalah states that your Hebrew name is Your character, Your destiny, and Your mission in life.

Part of this secret Jewish Mysticism of Kabbalah is a component known as Gematria. Gematria is another method for discovering the inner meaning of a Hebrew name. It is predicated on the calculations of the mathematical science of numerical values of Hebrew letters. Every Hebrew letter also bears a numerical equivalent - share the same total and hence there is a relationship. For an example, the Hebrew word for child ילד"yeled" is 44 (10+30+4). Of course, that 44 is the sum of a father אב "Av", 3 (1+2) and a mother אם "Em" which is 41 (1+40). Words that are alike in their number total share a deeper kinship as well. That is why we may discover the most profound and "hidden" meaning of a name by finding its mate in Gematria. As a matter of fact, the very word for "name" in Hebrew םש (shem) has a Gematria of 340 which, fascinatingly enough, is the exact equivalent of the word רפס (sefer) which means "book". Every "name" is a "book" waiting to be read and understood.

Every person has a biblical word linked to his or her name, because there is a word in the Torah that shares the same number total. That word is, in the most profound sense, the key to a person's name. It represents not simply what you are called, but your calling, your life's mission and purpose.

Presented also in addition to the Gematria of every name, as well as the Torah word that corresponds to it and servers best to define it, is his or her "phrase." The Gematria of the entire phrase is identical with the total sum of the name's letters.

Putting all of this together leads to the name's Blessing."

If your Hebrew name or names are not shown, it is because I do not know your Hebrew name or names. If you would like to include it, just let me know.


Robert Tachna