1937 Birth Of Enia Leja Slepowicz

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It came to pass in Zaręby Kościelne in the same township, Ostrow Mazowiecka County, on the eighth day of January nineteen hundred and thirty seven at nine o’clock in the morning that there appeared before me, the Clerk of Civil Records for Non-Christian Faiths in Zaręby Kościelne, the Jew Aron Slepowicz, a tailor, age thirty nine, residing in Zaręby Kościelne and, in the presence of the witnesses Herszko Entel, blacksmith, age fourty three, and Chaim Szlama Bursztyn, a tailor, age fifty five, residents of Zaręby Kościelne, and showed us a child of female gender, born in Zaręby Kościelne as a twin on the first day of January of the current year at five thirty o’clock in the morning to his wife Brajna née Tachne, age thirty five.  This child, following the religious rites of its faith on this day, was given the names Enia-Lea.  This document was prepared, read by them and signed by us.


Petioner:  Aron Slepowicz


Witnesses:   Erszko Entel                          Bursztyn


Clerk of Civil Records  /illegible/

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