1935 Marriage Of Fajga Nutkevitz & Hersz Wajnsztok

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Mlawa, the twentieth of March, nineteen hundred and thirty five.  Before the below undersigned Official of the Civil Registry for the Jewish population appeared the witnesses:  Langleben Zajnwel, age fifty one, residing in Mlawa at Niborska street sixteen, and Nutkiewicz Chil (Yechiel Nutkevitz), age forty five, residing in Mlawa at Krzynowlodzka street two, and testified, that today was performed the religious marriage of Wajnsztok Hersz [Tzvi son of Avram], son of Abram and Eta née Nutkiewicz (Nutkevitz), born in the settlement of Karczew on the twelfth of June, nineteen hundred and eleven, residing in Warsaw, bachelor, and the unmarried Fajga [Tzippora daughter of Chanoch] Nutkiewicz (Nutkevitz), daughter of Henoch [Chanoch son of Nutuh] and Rojza Ruchla [Ruchle daughter of Yitzhak Yakov Ha-Levy] née Tachna, born in Mlawa on the third of April, nineteen hundred and eight, residing in Mlawa.  The marriage preceded three banns in the synagogue of Mlawa on the twenty third of February, the second and ninth of March of the current year, and in the house of prayers at Gesia street six in Warsaw on the ninth, sixteenth and twenty third of February of the current year.  The married couple testified, that they haven’t concluded a pre-marital marriage settlement.  The religious marriage was performed by the Rabbi of Mlawa, Jochel Mowsza Sagalowicz.

 Read, approved and signed.


Official of the Civil Registry, temporary Mayor of the town of Mlawa.

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