1921 Marriage Of Chaja Tachna & Nachman Juda Aks

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It happened in the town of Mlawa, on the ninth of December nineteen hundred and twenty one at five o’clock in the afternoon.  We announce, that on today’s day in the presence of the witnesses: the synagogue sexton Zajnwel Langleben, age forty one, and the merchant Szlama Narzymski, age thirty one both residing in the town of Mlawa, entered into matrimony Nachman Juda [Nachman Yehudah son of Mendel] Aks, bachelor, age twenty four, son of Menal and Frajdla née Tyton, residing in the town of Mlawa and Chaja [Chaya daughter of Yitzhak Yishayahu Ha-Levy] Tachna, unmarried, age twenty eight, daughter of Szaja [Yitzhak Yishayahu son of Tzvi Aryeh Ha-Levy] and Rachela [Ruchle daughter of Avram Yitzhak] née Wilczek, residing in the town of Mlawa.

The marriage preceded three banns in the synagogue of Mlawa on the nineteenth and twenty sixth of November and on the third of December of the current year.

 The newly married testified, that they haven’t concluded any marriage settlement.  The religious ceremony was performed by the town’s Rabbi Jochel Mowsza Sagalowicz.  This document was read to those, who appeared, and signed by them and the rabbi.

 Official of the Civil Registry for matters of non-Christian belief.


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