1905 Birth Of Bernardo Makarz

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It took place in Czyżew, on May the twenty fifth, nineteen hundred and five, at ten o’clock in the morning.  Abram Monkarz, age thirty two years old, laborer residing in Czyżew have appeared with Zurach Starkowski, a scribe at a synagogue, age thirty two years old, and Aron Tandet, teacher, age thirty nine years old, both residing in Czyżew.  He showed us a baby boy who was born in Czyżew on June the seventh, eighteen hundred and ninety nine, at three o’clock in the afternoon to his wife Sura née Glina, age twenty six years old.  During the religious ceremony the baby was named Boruch Mejer.  The birth report was delayed through carelessness of the parents. This document was read to the testifiers and signed by us and the first testifier only because the father and a second testifier are illiterate.


Clerk of the Civil Registry Office – Signature

Z. Starkowski

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