1887 Death Of Pessa Tachna

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It happened in the town of Mlawa on the twenty second of October, eighteen hundred and eighty seven at three o’clock in the afternoon. Abram Moszek Etynger, age sixty five, and Moszek Bajlowicz, age thirty one, both of whom synagogue sextons residing in the town of Mlawa, appeared and declared to Us that today at seven o’clock in the morning died in the town of Mlawa Pesa Tachna, one and a half year old, daughter of Juda Nyson and Estera Mariem née Wajnberg. After having convinced ourselves with our own eyes about the passing of Pesa Tachna this document was read aloud and signed by the declarants.

 The Holder of the Civil Records                        


A.M. Etynger                         

M. Bajlowicz [Polish]

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