1866 Birth Of James Martin Young

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It took place in the town of Mława on June the twenty seventh, eighteen hundred and sixty six at three o’clock in the afternoon.  Hersz Jabłoń, a tailor, age thirty nine years old, residing in the town of Mława, appeared with Lewin Szmulowicz Lando, age seventy six years old, and Zelman Niborski, age fifty three years old, yeshiva teachers, residing in the town of Mława.  He showed us a baby boy who was born here, in Mława, on June the twenty fourth, eighteen hundred and sixty three at eight o’clock in the morning to his wife Gitla Frimet née Wułek, age twenty six years old. The baby was named Jakób Mordka. Report is delayed due to simple forgetfulness and father’s poor health. This document was read to testifiers and signed by all of them.


Registrar of the Civil Records


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