1851 Marriage Of Hana Myndla [Tachna] Blumenfeld & Lejb List

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[First paragraph with date missing / cut off]

We announce that in the presence of the witnesses, the Jews Moszko Laybowicz Laym?, age sixty two, and Herszko Leybowicz Donieli?, age fifty two, both of whom synagogue sextons residing in Zareby Koscielne and according to the statement of the here present Jew Owszey Boruchowicz Baim, Rabbi, yesterday at eight o’clock in the evening in Zareby Koscielne was performed the religious wedding between the Jews Leyb Aronowicz List, age eighteen, bachelor, son of the Jews Aron and Frana Laja (2 given names) married couple Jakubowicz List, living with his parents, day laborers, in the town of Ostrów where he was also born, and Hana Mindla (2 given names) Leybówna Blumenfeld, age twenty, unmarried, daughter of the Jews Leybka, deceased, and Cypa married couple Judkowicz Blumenfeld, living with her mother, day laboress, in Zareby Koscielne where she was also born. The marriage preceded three banns that were announced in the synagogue of the town of Ostrów and in the synagogue of Zareby Koscielne 1. on the sixth / eighteenth of October, 2. on the thirteenth / twenty fifth of October, 3. on the twentieth of October / first of November of the current year. The here present parents of the groom and the mother of the bride gave their verbal permission and no obstruction against this marriage occurred. The newly married testified that they did not conclude any pre-marital record before a notary. Then this document was read to the married couple and the witnesses and signed by the Rabbi and the Holder of the Civil Records, whereas the newly married and the witnesses declared that they cannot write.


The Holder of the Civil Records                        

Owszey Boruchowicz Baim

[signature illegible]

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