1849 Marriage Of Shmuel Gershon Cytryn & Krajndla Makowicki

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It happened in Mlawa on the fourteenth/twenty sixth of December eighteen hundred and forty nine at four o’clock in the afternoon.  It is known that in the presence of witnesses the Jews Luwin Szmulowicz Landau, teacher from Mlawa sixty six years old, a religious marriage was contracted today between Jews Szmul Gershon [Shmuel Gershon] Cytryn, young man from the town Nasielsk living with his parents, born in Nasielsk, eighteen years old son of Moszek Hersh [Moshe Tzvi] and Ruchli Cytryn married couple; and Krajndla not married young lady daughter of Gedale [Gedaliah] and Ester Makowicki residing in Mlawa eighteen years old, living with her parents.  The marriage preceded three bans in Nasielsk, the first on the twenty sixth of November, second on the third/fifteenth of December, the third on the ninth/twenty second of December of the current year in the parish synagogue were announced.  Also oral permission by the parents was given.  There was no objection by the parents.  The newlyweds declared that they did not make any premarital agreements between themselves.  The document was read to the appearing witnesses and signed by them.

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