1848 Birth Of Judko Tachna

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It happened in the town of Sokolów on the eighteenth of June, eighteen hundred and forty eight at eight o'clock in the morning, the Jew Moszko Judkowicz [Moshe son of Yehudah Ha-Levy] Tachno, day laborer, thirty five years old, residing in the town of Sokolów, appeared in the presence of the witnesses, the Jews Nuchym Hoffer, stall-keeper, forty four years old, and Joel Erlich, pisarz* of the Kahal, thirty nine years old, both of whom residing in the town of Sokolów, and showed Us a child of male gender that was born here in Sokolów on the tenth of June of the current year at nine o'clock at night to his wife Golda z Nachmanów*, thirty two years old, to whom at the religious ceremony was given the name Judko Moszkowicz Tachno [Yehudah son of Moshe Ha-Levy]. – This document was read to the testifier and the witnesses and signed by Us and the witnesses, whereas the father testified that he cannot write.



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