1844 Death Of Wachna Ryfka (nee Rypinski) Tachna

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It happened in Mlawa on the twentieth/thirty first of August, 1844 at two o’clock in the afternoon appeared the Jew Jankiel Ginoryjski, bookbinder fifty five years old, and the Jew Lewin Szmulovich Landau, teacher fifty three years old, both residing in Mlawa and declared that today at five o’clock in the morning the Jew Wachna Ryfka Tachna from Mlawa, twenty eight years old, died.  The daughter of Jews Mordko and Hana Sura married couple Rypinski, leaving her widowed husband Wulf Jakubowich Tachna, a cook, and also three children, daughter Gitla age six, son Szmulek [Shmuel] age four, and Ruchla Laya one year old.  After being convinced about the death of Wachna Ryfka Tachna the document was read to the present and signed by them.

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