1839 Marriage Of Ruchle Tachna & Zalman Wiegolowski

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It happened in the city of Mlawa the thirteenth of December in the year 1839 at nine o’clock in the morning there personally arrived a Jew Wolka Lipshitz, a rabbi, with another Jew Zalman Wiegolowski, single and twenty years old, living in Mlawa.  Both his parents are deceased and he states his interest with Ruchle Tachna, a single girl age twenty.  Her father is deceased and her mother Dworja [Devorah] is living in the city of Mlawa.  All the witnesses sign the paper.  The religious ceremony of marriage between the couple happened in the city of Mlawa on twenty three November, the second and thirteenth of November, and the third day, seven of December in the year 1839.  The marriage happened verbally by agreement between Abraham Wiegolowski, the father, Dworja Tachna the mother, and the newly married couple.  They declare they made no agreement before the marriage.  The marriage act was read and signed by the assistant rabbi.


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