1827 Marriage Of Fejga Dwora Tachna & Maier Jakub Chajka

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It happened in the town of Andrzejewo on the twenty seventh of December, eighteen hundred twenty seven at four o’clock in the afternoon.  Replacing the Rabbi of the Czyzew synagogue, the Jew Synay Rappo appeared together with the Jew Maier Jakob [Meyer Yakov] Eliaszowicz Chayka, age eighteen years and two months according to the record in the office of the governor of the municipality Zambrow, indicated with the letter A, born in the village of Gniewoty, son of the Jews Eliasz and Sora married couple Izraelowicz Chayka, residing in that village, day laborers, living with his parents – and the Jew Feyga Dwora [Fayga Devorah] two given names Herszkowiczowna, unmarried, age sixteen years and nine months, daughter of Herszko [Tzvi] and Szeyna [Shayna] married couple Tachna, born in the village of Zareby Koscielne, living in the village of Zareby Koscielne with her parents, who earn their living from the writing of G-d’s Commandments [Torah Scribes], and in presence of Eliasz Izraelowicz Chayka, father of Maier Jakub, and Herszko Tachna, father of Feyga Dwora, as well as in the presence of the witnesses Sabla Szabasower, age forty four, butcher, and Jankiel Gasior, butcher, age forty nine, both of whom residing in the town of Andrzejewo, and testified, that today the religious wedding of the Jews Maier Jakub Chayko and Feyga Dwora Tachna was performed before him, and that it preceded three banns on the second, ninth, and sixteenth of November of the current year in the district parish of Andrzejewo on the part of the young lady, and at the seventeenth and twenty fourth of November and the first of December of the current year in the district parish of Sniadowo on the part of the bachelor, according to the produced certificate indicated with the letter B, and that permission was given to this wedding personally by the here present fathers of the newly married, Eliasz Chayka and Herszko Tachna, and that no obstruction against the marriage has occurred.  The newly married testified that they do not have any premarital contract on their possessions.  This document was read to those who appeared, and signed by all those present, except for Eliasz Chayko, who cannot write.


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